"My three children all enjoyed the week very much, in particular the drama .They also loved the songs from the musicals, and the dancing."

2nd-5th April 2013
12th-16th August 2013

Now please choose the Yourspace package you wish to purchase and follow the instructions to pay. We use PayPal to handle all transactions. 

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Yourspace and Yourspace too 12th-16th August 2013

One child (Yourspace or Yourspace too

Two children (Yourspace or Yourspace too

Three children (Yourspace or Yourspace too)


Yourspace tots 12th-16th August 2013 (half days only)

One child (Yourspace tots)

Two children (Yourspace tots)

Three children (Yourspace tots)


Combination packages

One child (Yourspace or Yourspace too) with one Yourspace tots

One child (Yourspace or Yourspace too) with two Yourspace tots

Two children (Yourspace or Yourspace too) with one Yourspace tots

Please note that these discounts apply to siblings only, and cannot be extended to other friends/relations. 

Faith Hagerty, Director, Yourspace.